Texting in Scots

Many adults and young people already use Scots when they write text messages. Why not give it a try? You never know, you might get a Scots text back.

Of course it costs to send a text so you could make rough notes first on a sheet of paper. And if children are trying this, they could draw a phone with a big screen and print their message in Scots on that.

And you’ll need to make sure the predictive messaging feature on your phone is switched off as it may not recognise words like oot, gallus and gie’s a len o yer gutties.

Why not send a message in Scots through Facebook, Bebo or Twitter?

A few sample texts in Scots to get you started

Hi J, Ye no comin oot the nicht? T

Haw, T. Naw. Steyin in. J

J, Ye’re ayewis steyin in. Whit aboot the morra? T

T, Aye, nae bother. Whit time? Aboot seeven doon the toun? J