Scots literature

Trough nursery rhymes, stories, poetry, novels, songs known and sung all over the world, the Scots language has so often been employed to express the thoughts and emotions of the Scottish people.

Being able to read Scots opens up worlds and characters imagined by our writers across seven centuries of Scottish life. And there are few better ways of giving children ‘knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it’ than by sharing its literature with them.

A guid listen offers a sample of the riches of writing in Scots. Perhaps you’re an English teacher who studied Scots at university but have not yet found time to include it in your teaching practice. You may be looking for a Scots song or poem for a particular lesson, occasion or event. Or maybe you’re an avid reader of Scots looking for something new to read. Whatever your interest in Scots literature, let your lugs, heid and hert experience and enjoy the recordings we have collected for you here.

'Through engaging with a wide range of texts [pupils] will develop an appreciation of Scotland's vibrant literary and linguistic heritage and its indigenous languages and dialects'.

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