For bairns and weans

Nursery rhymes in Scots have been for generations a fundamental part of growing up in Scotland.

Every country can list a shared lore of rhymes for children and Scotland still enjoys a plentiful supply of them.

Coulter's Candy

Originally an advertising jingle for Robert Coltart’s sweeties in the nineteenth century, Coulter’s Candy has become one of the most popular Scottish nursery rhymes. Sung by Ewan McVicar and Katherine Campbell.

  Coulter's Candy (Katherine Campbell and Ewan McVicar) (2 MB)

  PDF file: Coulter's Candy (10 KB)

The Ridd Yo-Yo

Matt McGinn (1928–77) was a prolific singer-songwriter who penned some great tunes for children like The Dundee Ghost, the lullaby Coorie Doon and the much-loved The Ridd Yo-Yo. This performance is by Tryst.

  Red Yo Yo (Tryst) (3 MB)

  PDF file: The Ridd Yo Yo (11 KB)

Ye Cannae Shove yer Grannie

We all love our grannies and this well-known Scots song celebrates the central role they play in Scottish family life. It's performed by Ewan McVicar.

  Ye Canny Shove Yer Grannie (Ewan McVicar) (1.8 MB)

  PDF file: Ye Cannae Shove yer Grannie (10 KB)

The Sair Fingir

Walter Wingate (1865–1918) was born in Dalry, Ayrshire. Although he wrote many poems, he is best remembered for The Sair Fingir, a poem recited even to this day by school children all over Scotland. It is read by Ann Matheson.

  The Sair Fingir (Ann Matheson) (911 KB)

  PDF file: The Sair Fingir (10 KB)