A guid tale

Scotland is at the heart of storytelling and many of its best storytellers share their stories in Scots. For events and information about storytelling, visit the Scottish Storytelling Centre website.

Here are two Scots stories beautifully told in different ways by three of our finest storytellers – Ruth Kirkpatrick, Senga Munro and Tom Muir.

Whuppity Stourie

This story is about the Goodwife of Kittlerumpit and her encounter with a wicked fairy who wants to take her baby.

Told by Ruth Kirkpatrick. 

  Whuppity Stoorie transcript (20 KB)

A Selkie Story 

Two performances by Tom Muir, telling the story of a selkie (seal) hunter's encounter with his prey and how the event changed his life forever. 

  A Selkie Story transcript (26 KB)