Scots and our children

Many of us learn our Scots when we are young from family and friends.

Of course, our youngsters must learn to speak English to a high standard if they are to succeed in this largely English-speaking world. There is no question about that and this literacy module shares that goal.

But for children who have Scots as a first language, acquiring English should not mean that they have to completely forget their mother tongue. There is no reason why we cannot recognise the value of the Scots language equally.

Indeed it may help more children on their journey to literacy to welcome their Scots language into the classroom rather than exluding it.

Nancy Nicolson’s famous song Listen tae the Teacher records that experience of being told not to speak Scots at school which will be familiar to many children and adults.

Listen tae the teacher, dinna say dinna

Listen tae the teacher, dinna say hoose
Listen tae the teacher, ye canna say munna
Listen tae the teacher, ye munna say moose