Learling Teaching Scotland launches on-line Scots Language teaching resource
18 March 2010
An essential introduction to the Scots language with information on its history, dialects, its role in education and how to incorporate Scots into teaching across the curriculum was launched by Learning Teaching Scotland on Thursday 18the of March. Scots Education Resources wrote and prepared this ground-breaking resource for LTS.

LTS on-line Scots Language module
The Herald
first published 18 March 2010
Boost for Scots language in schools
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Extraordinary two days for the Scots Language in education
10 February 2009

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of February 2009 will long be remembered by those committed to Scots in education.

On Monday, Linda Fabiani, the Culture Minister, held a Seminar in Stirling for 100 teachers, educationalists, writers, academics and activists to discuss the findings of the ground-breaking Scots Audit. The Seminar, it was agreed by the majority of delegates, was  one of the most positive conferences on the Scots Language ever held and an important starting point for finding a meaningful place for the language within education and society as a whole. Also the education projects which have been working closely with Maureen Watt, the Minister for Schools and Skills, felt that their discussions with the Minister might be even more constructive as a result of Monday’s remarkable Seminar.

But by Tuesday, however, both Ministers had lost their posts in the Government due to a cabinet re-shuffle.

It is hoped that the new Ministers, Michael Russell MSP (for Culture) and Keith Brown MSP (for Schools), will continue the good work started by Linda and Maureen. Scots has never had a higher profile in education. It is vital that the enthusiasm for and developing professionalism with the Scots Language among the teaching community are sustained in order to strengthen delivery of provision for those children whose lives change for the better when they are allowed to use their ain tongue in school.

If you wish to contact any of the MSPs mentioned, their e-mail details are listed below:

Public Media Response to Scots Language Audit and Seminar
10 February 2009
The Herald
first published 10 February 2009
£200,000 funding to preserve the Scots language by Phil Miller
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Times Online
first published 9 February 2009
Way hame for Scots language with a bailout by Mike Wade
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BBC Scotland News
first published 9 February 2009
Funding boost for Scots language
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Sunday Herald

first published 8 February 2009
You don’t have to use Scots every day to recognise its poetry by Muriel Gray
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Scots Singer of the Year announced at Scots Trad Music Awards
6 December 2008

Emily Smith wins MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards Scots Singer of the Year. Multi award winning singer and songwriter Emily Smith has firmly established herself as one of Scotland’s leading lights in folk music through her performances at concerts and festivals around the world.
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Corsicans Win Minority Language Eurosong Contest
18 October 2008 
A packed Kulterens Hus in Lulea in North Sweden saw a Corsican song beat entries from 10 other minority languages to win the coveted Liet Ynternasjonaal - Liet Lavlut song contest 2008. The event was broadcast live on radio in Scandinavia and Galicia in Northwest Spain. For five years, Liet Lavlut has been celebrating regional and minority languages through song and music, raising the profile of languages like Frisian, Maenkieli, Galician, Breton and Welsh across Europe. 
A second regional qualifier for Liet Lavlut for Scots and Celtic languages, Nos Ur will be held in Inverness in June next year. It is hoped that a Scots heat for Nos Ur can be held in early 2009. 
To find out more about this year's Liet Lavlut contest and to listen to the finalists, click here.

New Poetry Anthology for North East Bairns
11 September 2008

A North East loonie caad Mike
T’London birled doon on ‘is bike
Fin the Queen passed his wye
Mike jist had t’cry
“Gweed mornin, Yer Majesty! Fit like?”

by Ali Christie 
The first children’s anthology written exclusively in Doric was launched in September 2008 at Fyvie Castle. 
Published by the Reading Bus Press, ‘Fit Like, Yer Majesty’ is packed with colour and fun. Pupils and parents can’t help but enjoy reading this book together. The Reading Bus team is to be commended for giving teachers in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City a resource with which to celebrate and value the rich Scots dialects of the north east. 
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Sex and the City sings Auld Lang Syne

30 May 2008
The newly released romantic comedy, Sex and the City, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, features Burns' famous Scots song of friendship, Auld Lang Syne. 
Performed by Edinburgh's own Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis, the song has seen fans of the film searching websites for the lyrics. What makes this even more remarkable is that Mairi and Dave's version of the song is not the traditional Hogmanay anthem sung by New Year revellers but is the original more haunting version Burns had in his mind and in his lugs when he wrote the words. 
To listen to Mairi and Dave performing Burns and singing in Scots on the world-wide stage, click here and enjoy!
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